I help athlete minded women stop worrying about what's next & teach them how to deeply trust themselves in creating it.


You're burnt out.


You're doubting yourself.

You feel like you're stuck in the same cycles.


You've lived most of your life trying to prove yourself through outcomes and external validation.  


Society heavily influences this, and it impacts women on a deeper level. 


You've  forgotten yourself along the way and it's costing you your livelihood and your happiness.


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Hi, I'm Nikki

I help women stop obsessing and pressuring themselves to reach their goals -- so they can enjoy their lives deeply.
  • Your first thought is probably "If I'm not constantly worried or obsessing about achieving then I can't be successful.  But this isn't true.  Constantly thinking about outcomes comes from lack of trust in yourself and attaching your worthiness to your achievements.
  • Sustainable growth and healthy achievement means changing the relationship with yourself --it means loving yourself on a deeper level and being compassionate with yourself in your failures. Beating yourself up is keeping you stuck in cycles of pressure, perfectionism, and playing small.

  • You think when you get "there" then you'll finally be happy - you'll enjoy your life more.  But every time you get "there" the target changes.  Because the way your thinking is a habit loop that's been created in your brain.  Coaching is all about changing these thinking habits and learning to tap into the moment you're in.


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As a former collegiate athlete and coach, I've worked with world champions and olympians (and quite a few medalists!). I've seen first hand how the pressure to perform can create anxiety, unhealthy environments, and take all the enjoyment out of the process.
I too am a high-performing woman, and for many years post sport believed I could DO anything, but I was disconnected from myself and coped with that by focusing on achieving the next big thing.

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The fastest way to change.  You'll learn all the tools to stop constantly obsessing over your performance and your mistakes.  You'l learn how to deeply trust yourself and create the internal confidence to make decisions.


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I came to coaching at a low point in my life. I was recently divorced, just quit what I thought was a dream job that I moved across the country for, recently underwent a surgery to remove cancer, hadn't made a meal in weeks, and couldn't look at my credit card bills. I needed help and as a high achieving, former athlete, Nikki's Instagram content spoke to me.  Nikki helped me scrutinize how I felt about myself as I encountered emotions in my day-to-day life and examine and shift my beliefs.The most important changes that stick with me today are higher self-confidence and positive self-talk. Prior to coaching, I could identify tasks I needed/desired to accomplish but got hung up on simple barriers. I was paralyzed by fear and my negative self-talk convinced me I was an incapable human. During our sessions, it was obvious that Nikki spends a lot of time researching and learning why all humans do this and how it affects brain function. Her explanations and techniques to combat these traits didn't just help me while coaching but provided an implementable framework for me to continue building my self confidence and identify/implement what I want in my life. I can say this framework allowed me to develop and stick to a financial plan, plan and make healthy meals with food I like, get outside and recreate without feeling guilt, and much more, even after my weekly coaching sessions with Nikki ended.



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I came to Nikki because I was struggling with pre-race anxiety. Nikki helped me develop skills that have been life changing. I can look at a challenge and not crumble under pressure. I view my life from an entirely different perspective and see beauty in the things I do, and what I can accomplish and be proud of myself. I would highly recommend working with Nikki. She's amazing and incredible with what she does! She's super fun, and very kind. She truly helped me change my life for the better! 


I decided to try coaching to gain confidence in my decision to work towards a career change by quitting my job and going back to school. Nikki created a welcoming environment for me to reflect on some of my beliefs. After coaching, I was able to better self-recognize when my beliefs were holding me back from feeling confident. I am now much better at shifting my mindset to feel at peace with my decisions without always second guessing myself. If you are thinking about coaching, do it! It really helps having something like Nikki who is unbiased help you work through your beliefs and become more confident.


I have worked with Nikki over the course of several months and all I can say is "wow". I was stuck in several areas and through Nikki's coaching I could see the knots unwinding within each session. Nikki has helped me first define what I needed to focus on, the strengths I have to get there and then helped me develop a plan to get there. As I have moved through the plan, my performance has elevated and I am finally at peace and successful. If you want to be successful and feel good in your life, I highly recommend Nikki!





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